Fabulous People I Know: Red

Dear Constant Reader,

Occasionally I want to recognize people who I think are fabulous. Today I’d like to present Red to you. She’s known as Redheadedgirl to her fans on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and her followers on Twitter, but if you attended The Wrathskellar, you’ll recognize her as The Box Office Gal.

I’ve know Red for several years, ever since she moved to Boston from Minnesota and sought me out as a mentor. Not in burlesque, but for my knowledge of historic cooking and Roman archaeology (I bet you didn’t know that about me). As a bonus, she got Scratch too. He affectionately refers to her as the teenage daughter he never wanted.

Red got a Master’s degree in criminal justice and spent a long time saying she wasn’t going to be a lawyer because that required going to law school, which everyone knows is a horrible ordeal. Eventually, she caved in and went to law school. It was a grueling 3 years. This spring she graduated and then took the bar exam. To everyone’s delight (and no one’s surprise), she passed it the first time.

Yesterday morning, Scratch and I were honored to attend the ceremony in which she was sworn in as an attorney. Court was opened in Faneuil Hall, presided over by a Justice, and a motion was presented to him to admit the candidates to the bar. It was all very formal. The Clerk even wore morning dress. The shiny new lawyers swore the oldest attorney’s oath in the country and then signed the Roll of Attorneys with their official fake Montblanc pens.

Then I accompanied Red to get her license. When they called her on to the stage as “Attorney [last name]”, she may have muttered sometime profane in shock. One of the speakers during the ceremony had pointed out that they were going to be lawyers for the rest of their lives, but that new title made it real.

Red with lawyer licenseAnd here she is with her spanking new license to practice law. I’m so proud of her for pursuing this goal so determinedly and I know she’ll use her new powers only for good (or at least not to cause too much chaos).

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