The Teaseday Club 4/9

Dear Constant Reader,

The Teaseday Club is an experiment Scratch is trying out. He wanted to produce a fun monthly revue for local and visiting performers that might not otherwise have a place to perform. So, he created this cabaret with burlesque and variety acts and lovely libations at the bar in the lobby. Last night was the first show.

Sadly, I didn’t get to watch *any* of the show, as I was on last in both my sets and for the one set that I wasn’t performing, I was stage kittening. But I’ll do my best to report on the acts.

(All photos from Mystic River Studios by Rich Jarvis Photography)

Set 1

Amber Rane performed her award-winning housewife act (which she developed in the Burlesque Your Way course at B.A.B.E). It was adorable when she debuted it and I bet it’s only gotten better in the past year.




Alissa Coates has a stunning voice and last night Teaseday Club members got a real treat. She accompanied herself on the guitar (the first time in front of an audience!) while singing “One Sweet Love.




Vikki Likkerish performed her Muff ‘N’ Mix act. I love this number and her current version of the punchline is awesome. I remember when she won a Taste O’ Burlesque contest with it and one of the ballots had “Cup f–ing Cake” scrawled on it, just to make sure we knew who they meant.



Sally the Altar Boy is a poi spinner, or “object manipulator” as Scratch likes to say. We’ve always been quite impressed with his skill. All I can tell you about this act is that he used glow poi, wore a striped suit, and the music was “That Old Pair of Jeans”.

I was up next. I had originally planned to do my boa & panels strip because it’s nice and fresh from the Mardi Gras Ball, but while I was out of town I saw that Delilah Spring was added to the line-up and I know her fan dance is to the same song. I pulled that act and chose my old favorite “Minnie The Moocher” instead (you’ll find out shortly why that was appropriate). It’s an audience favorite. And they joined in on every “hi-di hi-di hi-di-ho”.

Set 2

Stella Diamond was a last minute addition when Ginny Nightshade fell ill. For her first number, she sang that classic “I Hate Men”, which she did so well in The Bod of Avon.


Amber Rane returned to the stage and rolled around on her adorable squishy pink bean bag, to “The Beanbag Song”, of course. The punchline to this act is so cute, but I’m not going to give it away.




Alissa Coates sang “Don’t Know Why” which suits her voice fabulously.

Delilah Spring performed her fan dance to “The Mooche”. This is the song I was going to use, but went with Minnie instead. See, the Mooche is the dance a Moocher does. Cute, no? I’m so proud to have had Delilah as a fan dance student. This is a lovely number.



By the way, this was the easiest set ever to kitten. Only Amber needed her costume picked up, and I just had to move the microphone for both Stella and Alissa.

Set 3

Stella Diamond strips as well as sings! She hitchhiked to “Burlecue” with her trusty “Fame or Bust” suitcase by her side. (She loves that prop, although she couldn’t be more different from The Innocent in this act.)




Sally the Altar Boy spun his faster set of glow poi to “La Grange”. This picture kind of gives you an idea of what he looks like in motion.





Vikki Likkerish performed her signature Painted Lady act. As usual, jaws were dropping all through the audience.





Delilah Spring presented a number I hadn’t seen yet (and still haven’t since I was stuck backstage). It was to “Mississippi Mud” by The Andrews Sisters and you can see part of her river-themed costume in the photo.




And lastly it was me, performing “My Room” with my black & white fans. A classic.

The Teaseday Club will be open the second Tuesday of every month. That means the next one is May 14th. I’ll probably be in the audience for that one!

Two writings in one day! I hope that satisfies your desires to hear about my goings-on for a bit. At least until tomorrow!


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