BurlyCon: Sunday 10/12/14

Dear Constant Reader,

(You can ready about the rest of the weekend here, here, and here).

Sunday I was actually going to sleep in, but completely failed. And there were no early workout classes, so I packed & puttered, checked out & checked my bag, and had a lovely relaxed breakfast in my favorite spot by the fireplace. Cherry almond scones are so good. Why have I never thought of making them at home?

Pattern Making: Triangle Bras, Shimmy Belts, Panel Skirts (La Rose Muerta): I was really looking forward to this class. I’m a self-taught seamstress and as such rely heavily on commercial patterns. I’m a terrible draper and a poor drafter. The material was excellent, but the class was a little frustrating. There were a lot of people who didn’t seem to understand that this was a pattern making class, not a costume construction class, and that it was an intermediate level class. So, we got bogged down in questions from students who were in over their heads. We did manage to get through all 3 garments in the time allotted and I have *pages* of notes, especially on the bra. I can’t wait to give it a shot. And the instructor promised to email some info out to us.

Then I got in line to sit for a while. Registration for next year opened promptly at 1pm and I was not going to miss out on those low-priced tickets. I had a book and lunch, so it was not an onerous wait. I was 3rd in line and easily got Scratch & myself all registered for next year. (Thanks, Red!)

The Art of Hosiery (Kisa von Teasa): I was torn between this class and the one on wigs, but I was 20 minutes late and I picked the classroom with the open door. There were some really good tips about working with hosiery, including one that could make my life so much easier. And a very nicely produced handout.

Merch and Promotional Items: Expanding Your Brand with Stuff (Siren Santina): This was easily one of the most valuable classes I attended all weekend. I am *not* a marketing person, but I got so many good ideas from this class. And she made her presentation available so I could share it with Scratch. Who *is* a marketing guy.

I went to closing ceremonies just long enough to watch the music video being filmed and find out if I won any raffle goodies (that would be no*) and instead stepped out to help with load out. I had oodles of time to kill before my red eye flight, so why not.

I’m an old hand at toting and carrying, after working on strike at the Expo for many years. Okay, so BurlyCon has a full-sized fridge, but at least there’s no black iron lighting supports. What’s the worst thing I had to carry? I thought it was going to be the dance room mirror, but I think it was the bread. Hospitality had so, so much bread left over. We *filled* someone’s car with baguettes, ciabatta, rolls, &c.

And when that was all done, I still had hours & hours before I needed to be at the airport. Fortunately, there were a few people around to chat with until it was time to head out.

The Jet Blue people do try to make overnight flights as comfortable as possible, but I only slept fitfully, even with my spiffy sleep mask. Not long after dawn broke, we touched down and thanks to the MBTA’s efficient system (in the case of traveling to & from the airport I’m not being sarcastic), I was home in no time.

Where I was met by this handsome, but cranky gentleman
who wanted his breakfast NOW thankyouverymuch.

And that was my BurlyCon 2014. I’ve got one more missive — all about the shopping!

* And too bad; the big winner got the contents of the VIP goodie bag and it had a cookbook in it. I love cookbooks.

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