Friday Tip!

Dear Constant Reader,

Happy Friday! This week’s tip is one I was sure I had given you before, but I guess I didn’t.

Before using anything messy on stage (water, glitter, blood, tissue paper butterflies, &c.) check with the producer *first* for approval. If you get permission, bring whatever supplies are needed to protect the stage and clean up afterwards.

Be considerate of your fellow performers as well as the venue! You don’t want to leave anything on stage that could stain their costumes or cause them to slip. You might need a tarp to contain your detritus, especially if it’s liquid, or a broom or vacuum cleaner, which is the only way to really get rid of glitter.

When I do “French Champagne“, I bring 2 small oriental rugs with rubberized bottoms to catch the champagne I pour over myself. After Red Rum’s mummy number, the stage is covered with talcum powder, but she brings a shop vac to get it all up. Vivi Noir does a glitter pour inside a bath tub. There’s all sorts of creative ways you can keep your mess from messing up anyone else.


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